George Orwell was fascinated by this particular year that he, well in advance, had written a novel of that name. For me, it represents one of the most memorable years in my young life, as I had an opportunity to travel that year, for the first time, out of Europe. While Barbara was going to Sydney ( Australia) for 2 months at the beginning of February for her medical school elective, I was off to Toronto (Canada) to install a computer system in our IWS branch. Then, in March, I took a month off from work and joined Barbara in Sydney. We spent marvellous time in Australia, travelled around, visited quite a few friends, and then headed for Singapore and India.

In the summer I went again to Toronto, and from there I continued to New York and Tokyo. Barbara just graduated from the medical school, so I invited her (from New York) to join me in Tokyo.

I have literally hundreds of  slides from which I have selected some to depict our travelling memories. The menu lists the sites Barbara and I have visited. 





The places marked by the Woolmark symbol were destinations of my business trips. I was sent there by London HQ to install computer systems in our IWS branches. Those systems I partly designed and developed.  

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      New York  



Later on, when we had children, we travelled, as a family, extensively around the whole world, visited Florida few times, California(Los Angeles,San Diego), Caribbean Islands, Canadian Rockies, Alaska, and many European  places, but 1984 was the year, when it all really started, and I have very fond memories of that year.